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How to play games under Win98, WinME, download Richwin
Important: To emulate & play the big cd-recorder games (img, cd-recorder games) we recomend you use best program on web call Daemon Tools download here or a very good program Alcohol 120%

Follow below instructions:
1. After download and install program. Right click on the red lightning like icon on toolbars then move your mouse cursor over Virtual CD/DVD ROM
2. A left menu popup appear, scroll over device 0 and then move your mouse to the right pop up menu and left click mount image
3. A window will open and ask to select new image file, now remember where you extract the games? Go to that folder and select the (.iso, .cue, etc..) image files and click Open.

This will Start reading the file as ifs it's reading from a Cd. After about 3 second a window will show up, from there just follow the regular installation just like from ordinary cd if you are ask for second cd when you are installing game do all the above over only select CD2 instead.

If you don't like to use emulations, of course you can always burn them on CD. We recommend CloneCD, or Nero. Both are great.

Steps to Install Japanese Language settings on your Windows XP system;

-Click the start button on the system tray
-Go to Settings
-Go to Control Panel
-Go to Regional and Language Options
-Click the Tab labeled "Languages"
- The second box on this page has a check box labeled " Install files for East asian languages" Please Check this box.
- Hit 'Apply' it will copy some files over to your drive so that you can view the fonts for all asian languages. (we are not done yet :) )
- If it asks you if you want to restart, click no, we still have some work to do :)
-Click the tab labeled "Advanced"
- Under the box labeled "Language for non-unicode programs" select the pulldown menu and find and select "Japanese".
-Click 'Apply'. You will then need to restart your computer.

Congratulations, you will now be able to view Japanese fonts and play Japanese games :)

Qestions about savegames click here or check out http://www.yahoo.co.jp/ just type in anything you looking for in search box ..yeah i know it's in Jap butt don't wory it will find what you need!
Before you play Japanese Games I recomend that you download & run new NJstar, this will help display Japanese words, no more bad mess!! download NJstar
GetRight Strongly recommend for downloading games. Can resume broken transfer file or similarly stop downloading a file and resume later.
Winace Used to extract winace files.
Winrar Used to extract winrar files.
Arj Simply use this winzip to extract arj files by going to options->configuration->program options to set up.
Vgirl.exe Some game required this files to run.
Winnls.dll An important dll file that require for some games to run
-- Help --